Top Ten Items I Would Not Leave Without When Traveling.



Top Ten items I would not leave without when traveling.

1. My converse shoes. Recently I walked these babies all over Toronto, Montreal, New York, Detroit and soon I will wear them somewhere exotic in South America.  The best part about these shoes is that they are super comfortable to wear and if you are looking for a more fashionable alternative but still want the comfort and feel of a good pair of runners, these are perfect.

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2. My skin care travel pack. I always have a handy travel-sized pack of my go-to skin care brand; Skintelligence. Even when I am travelling I make sure to continue my daily skin care routine. Skintelligence is a skin care line that is suitable for all skin care types and is perfect for my combination skin. Don’t let traveling interfere with your skin regimen and make sure to take a travel size pack like this so you can tend to your skin on the go!

New Skintelligence travel kit

3. My multi-use scarf. I love this because it has saved me in more ways than one; I used it as blanket on the 5 hour bus ride from Toronto to Montreal because the bus had cranked up the AC so high, that it felt like winter! This scarf also kept me warm on an unpredictable windy day on Wasaga Beach. I also used this as a picnic rug on a sunny summer day eating frozen yoghurt and poutine under a maple tree at high park. I hope one day I can wear it as a hijab when I will travel to Dubai! I love this linen scarf with vibrant colours and patterns. Check out how this modle used it in more ways than one on a day at the beach.


multi use


4. Sunscreen. I hate getting caught in the blazing sun with no relief from the shade especially if I know that I have a long way to go walking in the sun to get to the next destination. When I travel, I walk everywhere. This is the best way to explore and really get to know a city. I think there is nothing worse then being behind a glass window of a car driving through a new and exotic city. With this in mind, I take my motives liquid powder mineral foundation with me everywhere I travel. Not only does it provide my skin with an even-tone coverage but it also has sun protection.


5. Hair Conditioner. If you have untamed hair like me and you are limited to carry-on luggage that is too small and you have to eliminate some basic essentials; I would chose the conditioner over the shampoo, no question. Travel means unkempt hair, beach hair, hat hair; ultimately unavoidable tangled hair!!! And the only way to tame those tangles is a decent hair conditioner. I use Royal Spa Deep conditioner because it treats dried damaged hair, a much needed essential when you are looking to keep your hair healthy without the high maintenance.


6. Energy Bar. During my trip to Detroit I made the mistake of rushing to our Abandoned building tour at 7am in the morning without eating breakfast. The tour ended at 12pm and by the time we found the nearest restaurant and had food served to us it was nearly 2pm. Now I never leave the house without an energy bar; perfect for sustained enery. I eat the vanilla caramel crunch by Choice Energy Bars to help curb my hunger and increase my energy. It gives me the nutrition I need when I am on the go, whenever I need it. If I have a long day ahead of me, either because I am on the road or just out and about for the day, I make sure to have one handy in my bag. And I looooove the taste of the vanilla and caramel together!


7. The little black dress. Black is a neutral colour and can be dressed down or dressed up. Never go travelling without that little black essential dress. Even if you are only going away for the long weekend, you never know if you will head out to explore the night life which may require more dressy attire. Not keen on the clubbing scene? Great, I love this cute little number that could not only be dressed up with some heals but also you can dress down with some casual flats. This dress is versatile so even if you don’t decide to have a night out clubbing, you can still wear this dress out casually. I also love pairing this dress with my favourite converse shoes!


8. Foldable flats. Speaking of casual flats!! What if you have no room for a spare pair of shoes? Already packed a pair of runners to go trekking, high heels for the spontaneous night out and now run out of baggage room? How about getting this cute pair of foldable flats? Not only great for saving baggage space but I also carry these Loren Ridinger foldable flats in my clutch purse so that I can wear them after a long night out in heels! Having accessible foldable flats means you can adapt and keep the pain of wearing heels at bay.


9. Bottle of water. I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of water. Even if I am going to visit my mate in the next neighbourhood which is a short walk away, I make sure to bring my Pure H2O Filtered Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I love this simply because it filters tap water wherever I go and the travel size makes it easier to carry in my bag or back pack. The filter reduces the chlorine taste and ensures that I have great tasting, clean water wherever I go.


10. Travel Wallet. This one is absolutely essential. The last thing you want to do is leave the house without your boarding pass, or worse still, your passport! I love this Royce Leather Diplomat Passport Travel Wallet because I can also slip my slim android phone into the middle and it will still have lots of room for my itinerary, passport, boarding pass and credit cards! This is made from striking full grain American genuine leather with the pockets highlighted with silver stamping so you can keep track of all your travel documents. The best thing about this travel wallet is its clean and simple design, which makes it easy to disguise as a plain black clutch for a night out clubbing!

travel wallet


I like to travel light. Traveling light means you need to pack things with versatility: the changeable travel wallet to a clutch, the foldable flats, the multi-use scarf and the versatile little black dress. Don’t forget your essential toiletry items: skincare travel pack, sunscreen, hair conditioner and always pack a light snack so you have something to eat on the go. If you have all these items, you will be ready to go confidently and well equipped on your next travel adventure!


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