Abundance through Minimalism

I have a confession. I’m scared. Scared that one day I’ll no longer get to share my art with the world. One day, the realities and expectation of society will come tumbling –  that I will have to conform back to the 9-to-5 grind. There is a voice telling me that there is no way I can do this for a living – that voice is usually my own. To change the negative voice inside my head,  my one word for the year is Abundance.


My default mindset is one of scarcity – to change this I plan on finding abundance through minimalism. If it’s not contributing to the growth of my highest self, my passion, my soul-searching and my well being, than I won’t be wasting my time on it. I believe if you cut out all the toxic, meaningless and materialistic things in your life, then only abundance of what you are truly searching for will appear.

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Here is an idea – what if we all start behaving as if we are millionaires? What if you start acting as if you have already won? No one wants the money itself – its what it can afford you, or the feeling it gives you. How would you experience life differently if you were a billionaire? I believe we would no longer act as if the resources around us are so scarce.




I don’t think we talk about it enough – money. Money is the root of all miracles. Money is a energy and tool, to manifest whatever you want to see in the world. Money is never the end goal – but what it can do for your life and those around you.


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As I enter into the New Year, I have so many personal and business goals I want to achieve. However if there is one thing I hope to achieve, it is to start experiencing life  every day as if it is endlessly abundant with everything I ever wanted in life. Because the secret to having it all in life, is knowing that you already do.

Come with me as I stumble my way through this crazy entrepreneur journey. www.avemariabell.etsy.com






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