About Me

We all share a common love for the metropolitan cities that we live in, and that we travel to. I especially love this city called Toronto!! Toronto is my home base, and is the city which has greatly contributed to who I am today. Find out why I love Toronto! 


Ave is an artist with a passion for design, a passion that she really begun to harness since she moved to Toronto from Australia in 2014. A Master of Architecture graduate, Ave enjoys sketching, photography and collaborating with other artists. To unwind and self-reflect, Ave practices yoga and is an advocate for meditation, a daily practice that she feels not only helps her focus, but also benefits her creative thought process. She is also a self-confessed sweet-tooth with a weakness for Nutella! Ave credits meeting like-minded individuals for her entrepreneurial spirit, recognizing an opportunity to share her art and celebrate the love we have for metropolitan cities through the creation of Ave Mariabell Designs. Click here to check out Ave's feature in the Peace Collective #MyCanada series: http://bit.ly/2d1FL09 

Photo Credit: Johnson Tang



Video Credit: Room Temp Productions