Behind The Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes when you are an artist, entrepreneur and small business owner? A LOT! But what I love the most is being able to work closely with many other creatives. In this blog, meet some of the creatives I have been fortunate to work with for the official launch of my Skyline apparel. 

These creative individuals are not only responsible for helping with the content creation of the Toronto Skyline apparel, but they are also creatives in their own right - dedicated to their own form of art - photography, video, painting, writing and acting. I am so blessed to work with each of them.



Ruslana is not only a behind the scenes Art Director but she is also an accomplished oil painter and fine artist. For the Skyline apparel launch, she is responsible for the visual style of the photo shoot - directing the layout, including the look and poses of our models. She is a multi-tasker - stepping in to act as a model for the photoshoot as well! Check out some of her beautiful classic impressionist paintings at


Zachery is an accomplished events and portraits photographer who I have worked with since the conception of Ave Mariabell Designs. His technical photography skills, concentration and attention to detail has allowed us to develop a diverse and extensive library of product shots, blogger lifestyle photos and invaluable content for our all marketing campaigns. Check out his portfolio at: 


Johnson is a landscape and portrait photographer with an eye for great combinations of colour, composition and layout. He has a diversified portfolio shooting other types of photography such as products & weddings. He has years of experience in advanced post processing/editing techniques. Check out all his talented work at:


Andrea is a content creator with skills in photography, videography, content marketing and public relations. She is responsible for our fab “behind the scenes” video - posted to the bottom of this blog. Andrea takes pride in her resourcefulness and creativity. Check out some of her creations at:

MODEL. Zander

Zander is our main brand ambassador and model - the face of our Toronto skyline apparel. A fire-fighter in training, Zander also has experience in acting as an extra in several movies, TV shows, and commercials, and he is no stranger to having stage presence. Check out his portfolio at And don't forget to click below to see our full behind the scenes video.  


From the founder of Ave Mariabell Designs,




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