Bigger Purpose. Larger Mission.

With Christmas fast approaching, we often get caught into the heavily commercialized, hyper-consumerist culture that we live in. This year, I have resisted and bought only a total of 2 gifts. Both items was even bought at an amazing discount from a friend who runs a local business! This year, rather than spend a ridiculous amount on gift-giving, I’ve decided to refocus on the true reason of the season. I think that the following holiday to-do list by @JennaKutcher, a podcast host for @goaldiggerpodcast really sums it up.  


Jenna suggests, “let’s go through this holiday season with a bigger purpose, a larger mission.” For me, that purpose and bigger mission is to become an internationally recognized artist so that I can spread the message that my art holds. I believe it is my purpose in life to share my ideas about the importance of travel, and how it can contribute to the evolution of our souls. Sounds kind of heavy? Maybe it’s all fluff to you? Ah well, screw it, I’m going to do it anyway!

Large missions always require small baby steps. I start small by sharing my art with friends and family. Small little gestures that encourage the idea of travel through a simple memento item that reminds friends and family that travel is important.

A Paris skyline for my niece’s new laptop, who has just started high school.


A New York wall decal for my parents who have travelled to the US, and dream of going back again.

NEW YORK (1).jpg

I also share my work with social media influencers at little or no cost. Allowing them to select a skyline of their choice so that they can also inspire their followers to one day travel to the city of their dreams, or to simply allow them to share their love for the city that they live in.

Below are some photographs of my art by various bloggers and content creators who I have collaborated with over the past year. As part of the spirit of the season, I want to show some gratitude for these influencers who have been great advocates for my work.  

@mylittlesecrets_ca – Natalie is a Toronto lifestyle blogger, and her HOW-TO blogs are perfect for the DIY obsessed! She has kindly included my skyline coasters in her most recent blog. 2112-2017-0936349526208660571

@tiffanyc_Tiffany is a Toronto vlogger and aspiring stylist who has a wardrobe to die for! My hand-printed Toronto and Paris skylines fits perfectly with her chic home decor.18888848_288549921607078_8652558432106184704_n (1)

 @lichen_Elsie is a marketing strategist for small businesses – she is fuelled by good company and positive vibes! I created this Singapore skyline for her laptop so Elsie can be reminded of her home. 24838723_1467535410012269_158483623207501824_n

@thecityismineto My skyline coasters have found the perfect home with Mili, a blogger whose content is inspired by delicious food that can be found in this wonderful city called Toronto. IMG_2464

@tiny.grayfox Roxy is a blogger based in Los Angeles, creating beautiful flat-lay imagery. Roxy and I share a common love for art that has varying shades of gray, white and black.18381876_1103360879763411_6747995286804627456_n

@ciarasalloum Ciara is a Toronto blogger whose content continuously creates a fun space where people can come for inspiration – particularly if you are looking for the use of the colour pink! 2121 Paniz is a Toronto blogger – her love for coffee and food creates drool-worthy, brunch inspiration that can be found in all corners of the city!18879109_1931801863743137_7289872412684845056_n

Don’t get too sucked into the heavily commercialized, hyper-consumerist culture that is driven by an overwhelming and almost suffocating image of Christmas. Take a moment to re-focus on what the holiday season should really hold. Let’s find new ways to give beyond just wrapped gifts.

Share an idea.

Share your art.

Choose gratitude, instead of gifts.

Choose creativity, instead of over-consumption.

Until next time.. Happy Holidays!




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