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It is a sad day in art and architectural history today as the iconic monument, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed by a fire. Although I have never personally visited this beautiful architectural masterpiece – it is an icon that makes part of the silhouette in my Paris Skyline design, and an icon I will always regret never having visited before this tragedy.

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These sad events have me thinking about how I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I would like to. I’ve become so obsessed with building and sharing my art, that travel has dropped on my priority list. Yet it has been my art and series of skylines that has become the ultimate bucket list of cities I want to visit. I have created almost 40 cities in my skyline style, and I’ve barely begun ticking them off my list.

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However next month, I am making my way for the first time to Quebec city! Perhaps visiting this French-speaking city will dampen my feelings of lament for never seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Although far from the likes of Parisian streets, Quebec city is still known for their beautiful architecture and European-like cobblestone streets. As a former architecture student and graduate, this makes me SO excited.

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My Quebec skyline design features iconic and historical buildings; Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Parliament Building, Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. I hope to visit all of these and more!

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Next on my bucket list of cities to visit in Canada include Vancouver and Calgary.  And although I have been to Montreal once before, it is definitely a city I want to visit again!

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My 5-day stint in Quebec follows from a trip to New Jersey where I will be meeting my family for my cousin’s wedding. After New Jersey (and of course touring the city of New York), I will travel with my family to Orlando, for a fun trip in Disney World! Lastly, we will fly to Toronto, and my family will visit me on this side of the world for the first time in five years!

This 3-week vacation will cover 5 different cities, only two of which I have not yet traveled to. As my small business grows, and more opportunities arise, I hope to continue to share my art and travel the world while doing so.011

Some might say that the dream to build an internationally recognized brand is as ridiculous as trying to make millions. But how ridiculous can it be if that brand is all about the love for travel, and visiting beautiful cities around the world? Something we can all relate to! While I ponder the careful balance of being an aspiring hustler and remaining humble, – I remind myself that “making memories” is more important than just “making it.”

Perhaps this nice reminder will keep me motivated to tick off all the cities on my bucket list, and visit all the beautiful monuments on my skylines designs while they still exist in the world today.

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