Bucket List of Cities (Part 2)

Humans are endlessly curious and always wanting to explore. My minimalist art tells a story of not only the places you have traveled to, but also places you want to go.

Ave Mariabell Designs Bucket List.jpg

It started with a simple, but large-scale mural of the city that changed my life – Toronto, on my bedroom wall. With more skylines drawn in the same style, it has now become the ultimate bucket list of cities I want to visit. From Toronto to Paris, and Sydney to Moscow, I have created for myself a never-ending series of beautiful cities in my minimalist style.


So many cities that I want to visit! It has made me wonder, what do some cities mean for other people? What does your city mean to you? Which city do you hold dear to your heart? For most people it is their home and the place that they grew up: that is the city they hold most dearly. Cities people revere are also places they have visited – such as significant travel destinations. Which cities do you have on your wall? Places you have visited, or places you have only dreamed of travelling to?

Wall of Travel AveMariabell Designs Skylines

As the list of cities I have created in my minimalist style grows, much of my art has become a tribute to places I dream of visiting. Living in Toronto has brought me closer to the possibility of traveling to places that once seemed way too far and too expensive to afford – I especially thought this as I grew up literally on the other side of the planet – Australia.

Ave Mariabell Designs Chicago Print-01.jpg

What is the meaning for travel for you? Where is next on your bucket list? One of the top cities on my bucket list is Chicago – this city is considered by some as the Architecture capital of the world!  Having said this, the next city I want to travel to always changes. Rome, London, Paris – the possibilities are endless!

avemariabell skyline postcards minimalist design london-01-01

Never forget where you are from, the cities that changed you, and places that influenced you. They helped create the person that you are today. And may the next travel destination also influence you for the better!


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