Celebrating Milestones at Ave Mariabell Designs

The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot. (Author Michael Altshuler.)

It has been almost 5 years since I made a big move re-locating my life from Australia to Canada. This, and the launch of my skyline art series have been some of the most defining moments in my entrepreneurial journey so far.

Ave Mariabell Designs Toronto Skyline Poster 18"x24" Minimalist Home Decor

Time sure does fly, and that is why I love to celebrate unconventional anniversaries and many business milestones - it is what makes the hustle worthwhile! Business launches and life events are to be cherished, even the seemingly insignificant events.

This newsletter outlines and celebrates five of the latest and greatest milestones at Ave Mariabell Designs in the last few months. Why five? It seems fitting for our five-year anniversary of living in Canada!

1. Our new e-commerce website has been launched! Independent of Etsy, we are now selling on our own www.avemariabell.com domain. Sign up for the newsletter and receive exclusive offers.

Ave Mariabell Designs City Skyline Art Travel Home Decor Scandinavian Inspired Minimalist Homes



2. We are still at Billy Bishop Airport! You can find some of our items (including these beautiful laser-etched and hand-finished coasters,) in Hudson News at Billy Bishop Airport - so if you're on your way out of the city on Porter Airlines, make sure to pick up a gift and take a piece of Toronto with you! Perfect also for someone special you are visiting, who may not live here, but still shares your love for this city!

Coasters Toronto Skyline Design City Travel Home Decor Scandinavian Inspired Homes Ave Mariabell Designs Laser Etch


3. I love it when small businesses support other local businesses! This is why having a range of items available in locally established gift stores means so much to me. Get your Toronto Merchandise from Old’s Cool General Store and Arts Market!


4. We are looking for influencers! If you are on Instagram, plus love to travel and adorn your home with travel decor - please get in touch with us! To increase our global outreach, we would love to collaborate with international influencers, however it is not a requirement and local talent is welcome. See a range of our beautiful influencer collaborations below, get inspired and email us at admin@avemariabell.com for more details.


5. New Stockists and Distributors! We have been working on new partnerships in key locations, not just in Toronto but globally. As we are a small business, it is still a long road ahead to achieve an “international boutique,” status. However we have a number of potential partnerships brewing and hope to announce them soon. Make sure you are signed up to our Newsletter to be the first to know! Although it is a work in progress, it is still reason to celebrate as a small victory - because optimism breeds results!   

Until next time, we hope that you are also celebrating all your wins in life - big or small! Because time flies, and celebrating makes it more memorable and worthwhile the hustle!  




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