Clean space. Clear mind.

Is minimalism just a fad? With the popularity of minimalist advocates like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus), many will think minimalism is just another trendy hashtag on Instagram. But I think it is more than that - minimalism is a movement and a mindset.

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As an artist, creating a space for creativity and focus is so important.  Jim Qwick a self-development coach quotes that, “Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. It is important to have a clean and tidy external environment: when your environment is clean, you have less stress and more clarity of thought.” A clean environment means a clear mind! When we empty our spaces of clutter, we make room in our minds to be inspired.


I am inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese home decor, designs which are exemplary of minimalist spaces for many generations. If my art was displayed at a fine art gallery - it would be very minimal, visually pleasing and yet each skyline is rich with stories of every city and its monuments. My art gallery wall would be an ultimate travel inspiration and bucket list for all visitors who come to view it. Oh what a dream to have this happen one day!

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I feel at peace when my desk is clutter-free with a pop of colour. I am always accompanied by my minimalist art. Whether it is my laptop decal or skyline prints that align along my wall and table - being surrounded by my minimalist art can be very calming.

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I love bright, white, clean and open spaces with contrasting bold and geometric shapes. Simple designs without overpowering the room too much. Here is my bedroom where I originally drew by Toronto Skyline design.  This image shows how my art is complementary to the Japanese shoji screens on the right.

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Japanese and Nordic design characteristics are similar and both very minimal. Japanese architectural and interior design in particular has THOUSANDS of years steeped in tradition. I love the consistent, linear lines of the shoji screen, paired with natural materials of wood and paper. Minimalism in the western world started in the early 20th century with an architecture movement. German-American architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe was one of the first to advocate principles of minimalist designs who popularized the term “less is more.”

From thousands of years of Traditional Japanese Zen philosophy, to the pioneers of modernist architecture such as Van der Rohe, and the popularity of design consultant  Marie Kondo - it is clear that minimalism is here to stay!

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Until next time, we hope that you are also decluttering your homes and office spaces to make room in your mind to focus and be creative. Be part of a movement that not only encourages you to clean your space, but also to clear your mind. 





  • Thanks Corinne! I appreciate your comment, and positivity about my art. Looking forward to your next blog installment as well!

    Ave Maria Abellanosa
  • This image shows how my art is complementary to the Japanese shoji screens on the right. – I can see the resemblance. I like how you put the art side by side. Looking forward to seeing your work in an art gallery soon ;)


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