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My art is a series of minimalist, city skyline designs. Inspired by the geometry and colour palettes of the traditional shoji screen, my designs look fabulous in an interior setting with Japanese or Scandinavian inspired home décor. The simplicity of it, has allowed me to explore not only different applications, but has also made my art easily customizable.  In this blog, I will share with you some of the custom graphics I have created, and the different mediums they can be applied to.

One of my very first sales on Etsy was a customized Toronto vinyl wall decal. My customer wanted to add cursive words, “I’m coming home…,” with font that evokes a “dream-like,” quality. The combination of the words and the skyline is exactly the concept I hope to inspire through my art; travel is important, and having a sense of belonging to the city you love, is also equally important.

im coming home 2.jpg

Representing your love for the city you live using Toronto’s area code  “6,” was made poplar by rap artist, Drake. As a result, you can find many local Toronto companies adopting slogans, logos and graphics with, “6ix.” The design below was first requested by a close friend, and soon became a popular custom request on my online Etsy store.

Cutsom 6ix.jpg

If you follow my work, you will have seen some of my laser-cut skyline art.  What was at first a wood-working experiment, has become one of my best-sellers! This piece is easily customizable, which can include or exclude some of my standard skyline graphics. DSC_0558


The piece below was a birthday gift from Mr. Short, to Mrs. Short. The brief was to create a custom wooden piece with their last name laser-cut, and landscape etched into the wood to symbolize their love for the outdoor environment. As they are originally from Calgary, I used the Rocky mountains silhouette to create this graphic, and the birds are laser-etched into the birch wood. After sanding the birch, I stained each piece in a different cherry shade to give the illusion of depth in the landscape.




This custom laser-cut piece was for a close friend whose niece’s name is similar to mine: Aeva Marie. The brief was to take the graphic of the sun from their country’s flag, and abstract it – as a subtle nod to their proud Filipino heritage. The wood is layered on to the lid of an existing jewellery box. Each piece was sanded and stained by hand, prior to assembly.20170721_121000.jpg


Custom designs are my favourite part of being a local artist and maker. It is an opportunity to bring to life an art-work that is unique and special to one individual. To enquire about a custom piece, drop me an email today at I hope that I can design a one-of-a-kind piece for you, or for someone you love!








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