Everything Toronto – Top 10 Gift Items for the Toronto-Obsessed. 

Made by Torontonians for Torontonians.

Recently my Art was featured in a Now-Toronto Gift Guide to shop-local. I loved the idea of sharing the work of local artists so much, that I decided to write my own gift list! This year I have been so blessed to connect with many locally established businesses. Many of these designs are a tribute to the city we love so much: Toronto. Along with some of my art, I have selected the top ten that I will be sure to gift to the Toronto-obsessed this Christmas!

1. Canadian Built sweater by Peace Collective. 


Peace Collective is a clothing brand looking to make a difference. They are dedicated to empowering other Canadians by getting communities involved to help encourage everyone to succeed. Check out the “Canadian Built” and “Home is Toronto” gear! www.peace-collective.com

2. Touque by Thank You Toronto. 


Thank You™ Toronto wants to be in a positive change movement by creating and executing charitable campaigns with the Toronto community. See how Toronto gives back to the homeless! www.thankyoutoronto.com

3. Toronto Skyline decal by Ave Mariabell Designs.  


Ave Mariabell Designs is a series of ultra-modern, minimalist, skyline designs.  The designs aim to unite people together by celebrating cities that we love, and cities that have touched our lives. Proceeds contribute to the Project City Love campaign, which seeks to improve the built environment of villages around the globe.

4. TOUR snapback by Brimz.  


I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while! (Hint for anyone still shopping for my Christmas present!) Find this”YYZ” snapback at Brimz where there is the largest selection of locally designed hats! www.brimzofficial.com

5. Kingston Backpack by Meet the Moose.  


This leather series is designed in Canada. Each individual piece is handcrafted with handpicked full grain of buffalo hide. The beautiful mix of rustic and contemporary design is perfect for any trendy Torontonian!  www.meetthemoose.com

6. Oak Serving set by Among the Pines.  

Proudly Canadian and inspired by nature, Among The Pines offers handcrafted gifts and home accents made from simple, all-natural materials. I can see a platter of fine cheeses served on this at any Torontonian’s holiday cottage!


7. Laser-cut Skylines by Ave Mariabell Designs.  


Display the city you love on your walls! Sanded, stained and finished by hand, this wood-frame skyline is a labour of love. Designed and hand-crafted by a local designer looking to raise funds to help build homes in villages with limited resources around the globe. Available at www.artsmarket.ca  (The Leslieville location)

8. Don’t Drake and Drive Sweat Shirt by All of The Things.  


All of The Things is a creative studio, inspirational blog & online store created by two Toronto girls. Whether you are from the Six, or rep the Six, or you just love Drizzy, this baby is guaranteed to turn heads. www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ALLofTheThingsTO

9. Flower Bracelet by Chic Made Consciously.  


Designed by local Toronto designer, these flower bracelets not only ensures quality design, all products are made from re-purposed inner tubes of tires. Chic Made Consciously are passionate about sustaining our planet. www.chicmadeconsciously.com

10. Toronto Skyline Phone Case by Ave Mariabell Designs.  


Another shameless plug for my own designs! These AMD phone cases can be customised with any city of your choice. A portion of all proceeds go towards building homes for communities who do not have access to the large, privileged, metropolitan environments that we love so much.

All of these products, and their creators have a story to tell, a mission to achieve, and an art to share. Make sure to check out their website and find out how these Toronto businesses are making a difference to the community!



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