Evolution from Student to Entrepreneur

Top 10 Highlights of the Decade

It’s funny where life takes you… especially in the span of over 10 years….

Typically this time of year, I will blog a list of top 10 highlights I experienced during the past year. As we are just beginning a new era with 2020 it seems appropriate to go back even further, and highlight the best achievements for the entire decade!  

In this blog I have written a summary of my journey from an Architecture Graduate to an Artist, and from Artist to Entrepreneur. What better way to celebrate the highlights of the decade than to reminisce on your own self evolution. The timeline below illustrates the events when I left Architecture (and Australia!) and became a self-employed artist (in Canada!).

From the founder of Ave Mariabell Designs,






  • Thank you Bill Rolfe for your kind words! :) I appreciate your continued support!

    Ave Maria Abellanosa
  • I miss you your beautiful smile and leaving I know your family misses you also, but you have to go where your heart leads you and you have done that and therefore I’m very very proud of you.

    Bill Rolfe

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