Fall-ing for High School Reggae Beats

Orange you glad it's fall? It’s the season for be-leaf and fall-ing in love!  Acorn-y joke, I know! But so appropriate for the wild start to this season, meeting Sean Paul and falling in love again with my old-school reggae beats!


If you haven’t heard, I had the chance to meet Sean Paul and gift him one of my laser-cut Toronto Skyline art pieces - now he can take a piece of this beautiful city home with him to Jamaica! Connected by video director Ironshore Films, I was able to shake hands and chat briefly with this Reggae LEGEND! (Photo by Gabriel Di Sante


Sean Paul is a super chill and humble person, and I am so grateful he took the time to meet a small local artist such as myself. The meeting with him definitely has me reminiscing on my “Get Busy” days chilling to old-school reggae and R&B. Ahhhhh!!! I was so star-struck and the teen inside me is still fangirling over the entire thing!


It turns out that Sean has some strong roots in Toronto, and I’m so blessed that my art can be a token of his love for this city, and something he can share with the people of Jamaica! (Photo by Gabriel Di Sante


Do you have a home away from home, outside of Toronto and Canada? For me it is Australia, and I love taking mementos of Toronto home with me, so that my family can have a piece of this city that I love. But whilst I am here, I like having a reminder of the country I grew up. I actually grew up in a small city called Darwin - the most Northern capital city in Australia. However, it doesn't have much of a skyline and the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are so iconic  - so a giant poster of Sydney would do the job to remind me of home! What do you think? Which city would you hang on your walls?


This weekend for the last Pedestrian Sunday at the Kensington Market Art Fair, I will showcase the same beautifully crafted laser-cut skylines that I gifted to Sean, and also our laser-etched coasters at my booth. Hope you can drop by and say hi to your local makers! (September 29th, 12pm to 7pm at 77 Nassau Street.)


We are also making another appearance at the West Elm pop-up on October 5th and 6th. If you're looking to shop early for stocking-stuffers for the up-coming holiday season, now is a good chance! (October 5th & 6th, 12pm to 5pm at 2434 Yonge Street.)


My favourite part of the year is probably fall because of all the beautiful colours. But the best part is when fall is just on the cusp - when summer is slowly fading and the air is crisp and fresh with the promise of cooler days ahead.


I hope you all enjoy the beautiful season ahead, and see you at the upcoming Toronto holiday markets! 








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