Halloween - Minimalist Style

The streets of Toronto are decorated with spider webs, graves, ghosts, zombies and more! Although I am absolutely terrified of all things to do with horror, I love seeing all the creative decor my neighbours come up with.


Above is snapshot of a couple of my neighbors houses. Halloween decorations on the left with scary dolls and figurines that cover ever inch of the front yard - and to the right, simple fall-vibes decor. There is so much variety! I could wander the streets for hours, exploring all the decorations! 


What kinds of Halloween decorations are you displaying in your home? My art is inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese decor which has simple and minimal characteristics. This Leslieville living room space from my recent blog photo-shoot is a great example of my kind of interior style - subtle works of art with pops of the mustard-yellow to contrast the black and white line-work. 


I especially love the home of lifestyle blogger, Sina (@happygreylucky) who has an eye for clean and minimalist design in all areas of life. Check out her beautiful yet simple Halloween decor in her home! I love how she uses key center-pieces - such as the large "BOO" banner, with smaller elements around it that compliment and contrast to its boldness. As well, the simple silhouettes of bats above the fireplace that surrounds the portrait of the horse with muted tones. 



Halloween is celebrated very differently from country to country. In the small city of Darwin, the northern most city in Australia where I grew up - we did not celebrate Halloween at all and neither did my neighbours, friends or family. However it is becoming more and more celebrated today especially in larger cities like Sydney and Brisbane - and might one day be celebrated with the same fanfare like North America.  Moving here in 2014 made me so excited to immerse in the Halloween celebrations.



Despite my awe for the extravagantly decorated yards with the zombies coming out of the ground and countless white sheets hanging from trees - I still prefer the minimal approach to decor. I love ultra-minimal interiors with bright, white walls and the occasional pop of colour. These ceramic white pumpkins below and jack-o'-lanterns are exactly what I need for a Nordic style look to my Halloween decor! 


You can find many white pumpkins on Etsy, handcrafted from ceramic to velvet. These add that perfect touch of Fall to your home. Paired with some home-made jack-o'-lanterns, you have yourself a minimalist Halloween setting - Scandinavian style! I love using mostly muted tones like grey, white, beige and the occasional bright yellow and orange to add the fall-vibes feeling. 



To get into the spirit of Halloween, other than going to two different costume parties and consuming guilty amounts of sweets - I plan to make my very first jack o'lantern! Yes, that's right - I've never made one before! I am particularly drawn to the white pumpkins, as they are most suited for a Nordic style - neutral undertones with pops of colour. 

Using this colour palette and these elements - ceramic white pumpkins, jack o'lanterns, and silhouettes of bats across my Toronto skyline design - is exactly what I need to create the perfect Scandinavian style Halloween decor!  





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