Keep On Keeping On

Oh my, how the world has changed in a matter of days. In an effort to stay informed with the situation that is changing daily,  it has been so hard to disengage from the news and media regarding COVID-19, which is saturated with doomsday and negativity. My heart goes out to all those that have been displaced due to travel bans, job losses and even those counting on the basic comforts from schools that are closed. With all this and more, it has not been easy to continue business as usual.

But for my own sanity, my new mantras are “keep on keeping on!” and “soldier on!” because when the dust settles, you can count on us getting back to the hustle. We want to stay connected with you, our customers, so that we can remain engaged, while distancing in this uncertain time. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us, commenting and liking our posts, and placing online orders! We are so grateful to be able to continue operating from home. 

The world has drastically changed with countries all around the world closing their borders and implementing travel bans. As we settle into a new normal of distancing here are some changes we have made so you can still continue to share the love of travel through our art. 

1. Gift Cards are now available. Send someone a virtual hug with this gift of choice!

2. Spring Sale with 15% Off Store wide! (Use the coupon code SPRING2020.)

3. Customize your order with ANY skyline from all around the world. (Simply send us a custom request via email with the product and desired skyline to We are also implementing a way you can automatically do this upon checkout - stay tuned! 

Photography by @mjvdx Model @muskan.s__

The future of travel is uncertain as more and more travelers become increasingly pessimistic about their travel plans. Let’s stay connected and continue to show our love of travel - From travel-themed home decor to fashionable skyline apparel. Share art that pays homage to the cities that we love from all across the globe! 

Finally, I want to leave you with these words of wisdom from Calgary Mayor @nenshi. Words we should hold close as we go about our day in this crazy new world of social distancing.

“Don’t act as though you are trying to prevent getting the virus. Act as though you already have it and you’re trying to prevent spreading it and act as though every single person you meet is your 90-year-old grandmother.” 

I hope that you are all happy, healthy and safe. Stay vigilant with your daily self-care and all we can do is continue to soldier on - in solitude and with solidarity. 




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