Letter to Google

So crazy thing… I recently discovered my Toronto skyline decal is on display at the @google headquarters in Toronto! Thanks to fellow entrepreneur @nastockcompany for recognizing my work and tagging me. Turns out it’s been on display there since 2017! I’d sold it to an individual, not knowing they bought it for Google! Now I’m on a mission to find more Google offices around the world who want my art! It is my dream to have my art internationally recognized. Could Google help me do it? I don’t know, but I’m sure gonna try!  If you are going to dream, you might as well dream big. Below is my letter to Google asking to collaborate. Who knows where it will go, it may even go nowhere? All that matters is that I gave it my best shot!


Hi Google Team!

My name is Ave, a local Toronto artist and my art was recently bought and displayed at Google Canada Headquarters! It is my dream to have my art internationally recognized and located in every large city in the world – From London to Paris and New York to Sydney, – Ave Mariabell Designs will be a household name for travellers and globetrotters alike seeking to take a piece of a city they love home.

I understand Google is very involved in small business initiatives such as, “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map,”  “Google My Business,” and “Get Your Business Online Program.” I propose that we elevate this idea one step further and have Google support the initiative of a small local business owner.


ave-46 edited.jpg


I have many skyline designs in my minimalist style, and it would be an honor to have these displayed in the Google offices around the world. Above is me pictured with my design displayed at the Google office in Toronto.

Airbnb avemariabell toronto skyline


My designs look fab in both corporate and residential settings. Above is an image of a downtown Toronto Airbnb rental with one of my designs at 9 feet long.

NEW PROMO NY TO PARIS-01.jpgAll the big cities you can name – I have created in my minimalist style!

A minimalist style gives my art a level of versatility, and my designs have been adapted into many products. From large scale wall decals, to small gift items. They create the perfect travel memento.



The smaller items would also make wonderful corporate gifts for your staff who want to not only showcase love for their city, but also their support for small businesses.


TRAVEL THE WORLD AS A VOLUNTEER copyA portion of proceeds goes to the #PROJECTCITYLOVE campaign.

I would love a word of referral to any of your colleagues who could assist in connecting me with the right person to elevate my designs, and help spread the word about beautiful minimalist art – and skylines that would look right at home in Google offices around the world.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ave Abellanosa,
Owner and Artist


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