Love Affair with Art

February 14th. Today, words like this get thrown around: “You complete me.” “My other half,” or “My better half.” I am not a cynic, I promise. But these words are utter horse s#it. I am a complete human being with or without a significant other. Life is a solo journey with many visitors. And I am so grateful to meet those who come into my life and choose to stay.


Photo by @zjzade. Skyline art @avemariabell.designs.


We live in a world where we idolize the idea of fairytale love, and so on days like today, we attach certain meaning to it which in fact, is so meaningless to many.  Don’t get me wrong, I love valentines day. It is wonderful to spend a special day expressing love to one another. BUT of course society has turned it into a heavily commercialized day, having us worship the glorified, romantic, fairy-tale love. Instead of celebrating the idea of love for another person, can we celebrate the idea of just love itself? Isn’t that more important? In today’s society, why do we feel the need to have someone in order to be complete?  Why not celebrate the love we have for ourselves, because there is no greater relationship than the one you have with yourself. The fact that there might be a significant other in our lives, should just be a bonus!


Today I am celebrating ME. Me as a complete, wholehearted human being who is unafraid to give love to others, because I am so full of my own love. Today I am celebrating love itself. Love for my art, my passion, my calling. For me, life is a never ending love affair with living a creative life. A love for art. A love for inspiration. A love for spirituality. A love for connection. Any other love I have to give; whether it be to a lover, a friend, my family, is all a bonus.

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Photo by @zjzade. Skyline art @avemariabell.designs.


To all my other girl bosses out there who every day choose to love themselves first, despite a world that bombards them with picture-perfect fairytale love: Happy Valentines day.




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