My Aussie lingo that Torontonian’s don’t understand.

26 things in my vocabulary that Torontonians don’t understand! That awkward moment when my Canadian friends think that I am from a place called, “Shire.” However, this is just simply the way I pronounce “Australia.” Australians are notorious for cutting words shorter; anything spoken in one or two syllables is preferable. Here is a list of sayings and terminology that I have to be careful using as more often than not, Canadians do not understand me!

1. Flip Flops Vs Thongs

2. Thanks a lot Vs Thanks heaps

3. Buddy Vs Mate

4. Washroom Vs Loo

5. Documentaries Vs Docos

6. Expensive Vs Exy

7. Thank you Vs Ta

8. Breakfast Vs Breakkie

9.  I can not be Fu#ked Vs I C.B.F

10. Un-coordinated Vs Un-co

11. Debit Vs EFTPOS

12. Afternoon Vs Arvo

13. French Kiss Vs Pash

14. Hillbilly Vs Bogans

15. Biweekly Vs Fornight

16. LCBO Vs Bottlo

17. Call in sick Vs Chuck a sickie

18. Grandma Vs Nanna.

19. Discount   Vs   Mates Rates

20. Too fancy   Vs   OTT (Over the top)

21. Service Stations   Vs   Servos 

22. Mickey-D’s   Vs   Macca’s (Mcdonalds)

23. Agression   Vs   Aggro

24. Lazy Person   Vs   Bludger

25. Alcohol   Vs   Grog

26. Sunglasses   Vs   Sunnies

There is only 26 on this list but I’m sure there are a million more!


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