Rising Revolution

Are we at the beginning of a revolution? Was our pre-covid existence one we should settle for? One thing is certain: we are on a verge of a major transformation.

Although Ontario has moved into phase 2 of reopening, to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada still advises that we avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice. Many countries remain with similar travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines. In addition, many airlines are still suspending flights. Amidst the ongoing lock-down, the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests around race and social injustice have created yet another pivotal moment in 2020.

  •  If you can't travel, why not bring a piece of the city you love into your home. 

Where you stand and what you say in this moment is important. We must continue uncomfortable discussions in this current social environment about racism. If you are in Toronto, I’ve compiled a list of resources from various activists and elected officials that guide you on action steps to help fight police brutality. Links provided within my blog, click link below to view the full blog! 

I’ve seen black squares posted everywhere and generic info-graphics on the Black Lives Matter movement. Whilst the sentiment is appreciated, this is gas-lighting unless you are doing something behind the scenes to really help create changes within your community. I’m not surprised by some people’s resistance to speak out. We sit too comfortably in ignorance, especially if we feel those around us would not approve of the activism underway. Learning and understanding the truths behind why we are rising against police brutality, can sometimes come from the person we least expect. Ultimately the more people that make a stand, the more we see leaders created and people mobilizing to make a change for the better. 

Revolutions rarely occur in the moment when people are most oppressed. Rather, revolutions have more often been the result on higher expectations after a time of social and economic stability. We have seen equality, peace and prosperity possible. As a collective, we should now expect so much more than the injustices seen in recent events.

Now is the time to undo the "comfortable" existence we had pre-covid; an existence that did not have everyone's best interest at heart. Now is the time for a change. 



Ave Abellanosa
Owner and Artist



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