"Creativity is the only worthwhile endeavor." -Unknown-

Creativity can come in many forms - not just artistic forms such as painting and writing, but also in how you live your life. Adventure is a way of being creative, and maybe you are a prolific traveler? Or maybe you are venturing into entrepreneurship for the first time? I am always trying to find new ways to be creative. Not just with life, but with all aspects of my art and business.

One of the ways I keep my mind open to creativity is participating in collaborations. Collaboration to me is important - connecting with other artist helps me to explore my own creativity. 

My most recent collaboration is with part-time artist and Fire Fighter - Mykhail Bear - also known as Bear. Together we created my Toronto Skyline design on burnt wood.

Bear uses a CNC machine to carve out designs on different mediums. For this collaboration piece Bear has carved out my skyline design on a burned pinewood piece. Such a fitting technique for an artist who is also a fire-fighter, don't you think?

I think that the burnt wood achieves a "vintage" appearance. Bear's finishing touches paired with my minimalist style also creates a very rustic look.

From collaborations, commissioned art, and to customized designs. These are ways I love to stay creative in my life.  

Here is the initial process of burning a layer of the pinewood with a blow-torch. And below, an image of the CNC machine carving out my Toronto Skyline design. 

You can find more of Bear's work on Instagram @bearcustomwood. Our collaboration piece is also available for purchase at 1114 Queen Street East in Leslieville. 


What are some ways YOU like to stay creative in your life? Adventure? Travel? Art? I am always open to collaborations and commissioned art pieces - so please don't hesitate to reach out to me!




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