The End to Start New Beginnings

It's the end of an Era! We've been at Arts Market for three years, but for our business which started in 2016, it seems like a life-time ago. This week we are saying goodbye to our in-store location at Arts Market in Leslieville. Arts Market in Toronto offers a huge variety of products you won't find anywhere else. All products are by local artisans, hand-made with love from your fellow community members.

It has been a wonderful three years with Arts Market! But with a small business comes many highs and lows and sometimes you have to refocus your goals - you never know what the year has in store for you.

Our leave from Arts Market is what we are calling "The End to Start New Beginnings." Whilst it is time to say farewell to our beloved Arts Market family, we will open doors for more volunteer projects, and some exciting product launches in store for 2020! In the year ahead we hope to focus more on our community services with our Project City Love movement. A movement that advocates for volunteers to travel & participate in community service around the globe.

To start this movement, last year we participated in a volunteer abroad program in Costa Rica. With the focus on our business goals, we didn't have a chance this year to pursue our Project City Love dreams. In the year ahead instead we want to continue the movement locally. In 2020 we will take part in the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer programs, in Toronto and the GTA. 

In the mean-time we are exploring some new designs to be launched in 2020 - hats, hoodies, tanks - a whole range of apparel we have been dreaming of releasing for some time.

Here is a sneak-peak that is still in the works, so keep a watch out for our next blog to hear any updates on the release!









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