Self Employment During a Pandemic

It’s been a hard year for everyone and for those self-employed like myself, it can sometimes be even tougher. The impact of government restrictions and going back to stage 2 re-opening in Toronto has only exacerbated economic opportunities for job seekers and businesses owners alike. I personally have not avoided the self-doubt and questioning myself - is what I am doing truly viable in these uncertain times?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the words; "self employment during a pandemic?" My anxiety gives me words such as "self-doubt, self-starter and self-sabotage..." Despite this, what has lifted me up recently and kept me going, is my nomination at Now Toronto's "Best of Toronto, Reader's Choice 2020." Vote for me under the "Best Local Etsy Crafter" category if you haven't already. Select my name in this following link:

It's the small things like this, and seeing the Toronto community rally around supporting local businesses, that has given me drive to continue doing what I am doing.


However the need for financial security does have me job hunting because statistically, small businesses are not likely to survive in this climate. But there is a big part of me that also wants to sabotage opportunities outside my passion projects. Why? Because it will give me more reason to focus my energy on what makes me most happy - my art venture!

Creativity is how I share my soul with the world. For now I continue to work from home full time, creating new skylines and content everyday. Check out my last blog, "Living Simply," and my recent custom ceramic mugs.

Self employment during a pandemic has also encouraged me to be more frugal, save and spend money more wisely. As the economy sinks into a recession, people are clutching their wallets more tightly in this uncertain time and this is no different for small business owners. Having a good stash of emergency money is wise to have in this economy. 

That said, although the mentality is to save and not spend, you can still create opportunities and reach out and influence large groups of customers through creative content.

If you run a small business, the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t bring every marketing effort in your company to a halt. The fact that people are on their phones/tablets/laptops all the time nowadays is more reason to be a Queen (or King) of content creation. While cooped up in quarantine and working from home, millions have turned to digital devices for everything from news to entertainment.

Recently at Ave Mariabell Designs we had a fall photoshoot. Stay tuned for the behind the scenes videos! For me, ensuring that I have new content regularly scheduled to post has been not only a full-time job, but has kept my creative brain flowing and mentally motivated to continue to build my small art venture. 

Photo by @zjzade 

Photo by @zjzade 

Confinement, reduced social and physical content, and frustration have led many people to feel extremely anxious while isolating. Weather you are a small business owner seeing your company struggle, or simply looking for work in these tough times, let's stay connected and support each other where possible. Check on your friends, especially those not on social media frequently. 

Photo by @zjzade 

Stay well and comment below your thoughts if you are an artist or small business struggling during this time. I would love to hear from you, and learn about what keeps you inspired!

Ave Abellanosa
Owner and Artist



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