The Shark-Tank of Toronto

Business development program for local creatives.

Recently Ave Mariabell Designs was selected to compete in the #nookStart competition; a “Shark-Tank style,” 10-week program to win retail space with The Nooks Toronto. The Nooks is not only a boutique retailer selling handmade, vintage, and locally made goods, but is also a creative hub for entrepreneurs.


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The Nooks Toronto offer business development programs for all their vendors, and their #nookStart competition launched this year. Along with 29 other vendors, we are competing in a series of challenges every week, for 10 weeks. This week has brought forth our most challenging task yet.


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The challenge was to create a video of our “elevator pitch.” A short, and compelling speech that sparks interest in what we, as creatives do! Together with Room Temp Productions, we pieced together this video that captures in a nutshell what Ave Mariabell Designs has to offer.

We hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed making it! With only 5 weeks left of the competition, follow our social media accounts to stay tuned with all our recent challenges!




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