My Top 3 Boredom Busters

Bored in quarantine? What did you do as a child to stay entertained? 

As the world continues to social distance, those of us that have more than enough time on our hands are re-discovering our creative selves. Whether we are bringing attention to abandoned projects or starting new hobbies, we've had time to slow down and focus on our inner child. Everything from thousand-piece puzzles, paint by numbers, and baking bread from scratch - it brings me joy seeing everyone around the world finding ways to be creative.  

In this blog I talk about my hobbies that I have had time to focus on during quarantine. These activities have kept me sane during moments of boredom. In a world that needs to distinguish essential from non-essential services, you must not forget it is essential for our state of mind to be creative during these unknown times. Creativity is a way to nourish your spirit! 

1. Digital Drawings.

As a child I spent hours drawing. Sprawled out on the cool tiles of my living room floor, drawing rainbows and flowers on poster-size sheets as tall as my eight-year-old self. Recently I have rediscovered my love for drawing. However this time I am taking the skill digitally, and turning photographs into illustrations on Autodesk sketchbook. Click below to see more of my creations! 

2. Brush Lettering

My second boredom buster during quarantine is practicing my brush lettering - a calligraphy style of writing that I taught myself in 2018. Recently I have transferred these skills digitally and taught myself how to do calligraphy on Adobe Illustrator. My love for lettering comes from having an architecture background - learning how to letter is essential when you draft by hand as a designer. Architectural lettering is a style of handwriting that is simply uniform block letters that are easy to read. Although calligraphy is a much more free-flowing and cursive style, it is still for me a meditative activity - writing words beautifully in a stylized way. 

3. Baking (and no-bake) treats.

My last boredom buster is making (both baked and no-baked) goodies. Discovering fun, easy, homemade treats to satisfy the quarantine cravings, has been an absolute joy. I am so happy that quieter days have given me an open mind to try new things, as this is not something I would've made time to do pre-quarantine.

Top: Cheesecake tart with almond and coconut base. Bottom: No-bake, bark-style chocolate and whipped dalgona coffee. 

I feel blessed to work from home and find myself with so much time to expand on my creativity. I hope you have had a chance to do the same! 

That is all for now, but in the meantime here are some wise words from one of my favourite authors Elizabeth Gilbert. "What is creative living? Any life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”  



Until next time... stay safe, stay healthy! 




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