Travel is a Universal Love

Today, like every year on this day, I am celebrating an unconventional Valentines Day. I am celebrating my love affair with art. And my love for the tiny victories I have had with my art venture – see below some of the latest and greatest news and art at Ave Mariabell Designs.


My biggest 2019 victory so far- my art on display at Google Canada Headquarters!
I have many skyline designs in my minimalist style, and it would be an honor to have these displayed in the Google offices around the world. Above is me pictured with my design displayed at the Google office in Toronto.  Don’t you think my minimalist art and skylines that would look right at home in Google offices around the world?


Airbnb avemariabell toronto skyline

Above is my design at 9 feet long in an Airbnb Rental in downtown Toronto. The minimalism of my art creates a level of versatility – hence my skyline designs look great in both corporate and residential settings.




Why am I obsessed with skyline designs? Travel and the love for cities is a universal theme. It is a universal love!




Here are some of the latest Ave Mariabell skyline designs, prints and greeting cards.


Someone Misses You Greeting Card



FotoJet (4)

Postcard 5″x7″




Spain, Madrid and Switzerland, Zurich




Japan, Tokyo and Venezuela, Caracas


Ave Mariabell Designs’ aims to create a tribe of advocates for volunteers to travel & participate in community service around the globe. Not only for the betterment of communities in need, but also because we believe in self development through the experience of travel. Which cities have you traveled to?

Proudly display the cities you have traveled to with our chic, minimalist skyline designs. They look fab in a space with Scandinavian or Japanese-inspired décor!

hanger_frame 36inch low res
Canvas Print mounted on Magnetic Wooden Frame
To all my other girl bosses out there who every day choose to love themselves first, despite a world that bombards them with picture-perfect fairytale love: Happy Valentines day! Don’t forget to love yourself first.


Ave Abellanosa

Owner and Artist


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