Oof, it's been quiet a turbulent year so far! Normally during the summer we would be participants in various local markets all around Toronto. However with the onset of the pandemic, these plans came to an abrupt halt - until now. 
We are back at local markets for the first time this year with TTES - a group of Toronto based Etsy sellers who have come together to connect, share and collaborate. TTES is a community of artists, craftsmen, illustrators, designers, hustlers, self employed and do-it-yourself-ers. Please join us at the The Great Hall this Sunday August 16th and support local makers. Come early because the first 60 vistors get a free swag bag with samples from various local artisans! 
Why support local artists? Having a love of art is something we can all relate to, and it is no secret that Artists can be some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. We are people that want to make your community proud. As a collective of small businesses and local artists; at TTES our work is deeply personal to us and we want to make sure we also create something meaningful to the community. 
If you have the need to buy some art to decorate a new home, or perhaps find a unique gift for someone special; please think about your local community before shopping online. A lot of local artists would love the chance to create something for you specifically. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about local communities when shopping online is so convenient and readily available at your fingertips. With Stage 3 of re-opening in Toronto, now is the time to help small businesses get off the ground since the abrupt and intense closure that occurred in March. 

While in lockdown I've done several new custom skyline designs - Honolulu, Hawaii (above) is just one of many! Be sure to follow my Instagram to be updated on my most recent skyline art. In the meantime, we hope to see you this Sunday at the TTES summer market. Not only does a local art fair give a sense of community and a greater meaning to art; but we local creatives are very conscious that having a strong arts scene is also good for the well-being of the city as a whole.


See you soon,

Ave Abellanosa
Owner and Artist


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