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  • Coping With A New World

    It has now been over a month since the first declaration of the state of emergency in Ontario. Some words we all must be sick of hearing? "Unpreced...

    "Creativity is the only worthwhile endeavor." -Unknown- Creativity can come in many forms - not just artistic forms such as painting and writing, b...
  • Celebrating Milestones at Ave Mariabell Designs

    The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot. (Author Michael Altshuler.) It has been almost 5 years since I made a big move ...
  • The Japanese Effect

    Have you heard of the butterfly effect? The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. This blog illustrates why my interest in Japanese architecture has eventually amounted into the aesthetics within my art, Ave Mariabell Designs.  As an architectural graduate, I have come to appreciate well designed spaces, in particular minimalist interior design […]
  • Everything Toronto – Top 10 Gift Items for the Toronto-Obsessed. 

    Made by Torontonians for Torontonians. Recently my Art was featured in a Now-Toronto Gift Guide to shop-local. I loved the idea of sharing the work of local artists so much, that I decided to write my own gift list! This year I have been so blessed to connect with many locally established businesses. Many of these designs are […]
  • Toronto Skyline

    I live on the west side of Bloor Street, known as the Annex in downtown Toronto. The Annex is a vibrant neighbourhood energized by its close proximity to the University of Toronto. Many bars, restaurants and cafes crowd together along Bloor Street West. From my bedroom I hear the entire hustle and bustle of Bloor Street West: from day to […]