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  • Art Launch Anniversary

    When I first moved to Toronto I followed Art communities like Sketch.ca, Toronto Art Crawl, and Celebrate Toronto – wishing that I could one day be part of it. At the time I was working full-time, paying a mortgage and I had never imagined that I would live in Canada long term. 2 Years later […]
  • Travel is a Universal Love

    Today, like every year on this day, I am celebrating an unconventional Valentines Day. I am celebrating my love affair with art. And my love for the tiny victories I have had with my art venture – see below some of the latest and greatest news and art at Ave Mariabell Designs. My biggest 2019 victory […]
  • Letter to Google

    So crazy thing… I recently discovered my Toronto skyline decal is on display at the @google headquarters in Toronto! Thanks to fellow entrepreneur @nastockcompany for recognizing my work and tagging me. Turns out it’s been on display there since 2017! I’d sold it to an individual, not knowing they bought it for Google! Now I’m on a mission to find […]
  • Top 10 Highlights of 2018

    It’s that time of year again that has me reflecting on the highlights that made the last 12 months incredible. Each day, each week and each year as an entrepreneur is an unpredictable one. Although there were challenging events, this blog post highlights only the best of 2018. I’ve learned that I am somebody who […]
  • Ave Mariabell Designs – Top 10 Highlights in 2017

    In the lives of successful entrepreneurs that I have studied, there is one recurring practice that has also made a huge difference in my own life. This practice is the act of being grateful – Every. Single. Day. I make it a daily habit to note down the things that I am most grateful for […]
  • 1 Year Ago Today

    March 5th marks the day we began to share our art with the world, and the day we made our online shop live!  Although we have a following that is largely based in Toronto, through our online shop we have been able to connect with customers in Australia, America, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, The Netherlands and France. This is […]
  • Ave Mariabell Designs: Our Top 10 Highlights in 2016

    The New Year is a great time to celebrate your success. Before January finishes and the New-Year vibes escape us, I had to share an appreciation post for 2016. The team at Ave Mariabell Designs believes success can derive from the practice of gratitude.  Here are 10 highlights in 2016 that we are so grateful […]
  • Toronto Skyline

    I live on the west side of Bloor Street, known as the Annex in downtown Toronto. The Annex is a vibrant neighbourhood energized by its close proximity to the University of Toronto. Many bars, restaurants and cafes crowd together along Bloor Street West. From my bedroom I hear the entire hustle and bustle of Bloor Street West: from day to […]