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  • Coping With A New World

    It has now been over a month since the first declaration of the state of emergency in Ontario. Some words we all must be sick of hearing? "Unpreced...
  • Keep On Keeping On

    Oh my, how the world has changed in a matter of days. In an effort to stay informed with the situation that is changing daily,  it has been so hard...
  • Artist behind the Art

    55 Random Facts About Me If you buy from small businesses, it's probably because you want to support your community. After all, it's nice to know t...
  • Art Launch Anniversary

    When I first moved to Toronto I followed Art communities like Sketch.ca, Toronto Art Crawl, and Celebrate Toronto – wishing that I could one day be part of it. At the time I was working full-time, paying a mortgage and I had never imagined that I would live in Canada long term. 2 Years later […]
  • Letter to Google

    So crazy thing… I recently discovered my Toronto skyline decal is on display at the @google headquarters in Toronto! Thanks to fellow entrepreneur @nastockcompany for recognizing my work and tagging me. Turns out it’s been on display there since 2017! I’d sold it to an individual, not knowing they bought it for Google! Now I’m on a mission to find […]
  • Abundance through Minimalism

    I have a confession. I’m scared. Scared that one day I’ll no longer get to share my art with the world. One day, the realities and expectation of society will come tumbling –  that I will have to conform back to the 9-to-5 grind. There is a voice telling me that there is no way […]
  • ‘Tis The Season for Dreaming

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel the world while running a boutique travel brand with my designs? What if it could afford me the freedom to vacation with my family in Australia, whenever I wanted? What would it look like if @AveMariabell.Designs became a leading retailer in travel-themed products? I have a crazy […]
  • Love Affair with Art

    February 14th. Today, words like this get thrown around: “You complete me.” “My other half,” or “My better half.” I am not a cynic, I promise. But these words are utter horse s#it. I am a complete human being with or without a significant other. Life is a solo journey with many visitors. And I […]
  • The Journey of an Artist – Part 2

    Dealing with FOMO and the subtle art of not giving a f*ck. I make it no secret. I dream that one day I’ll be an internationally recognized artist. Although I have no idea of how I will get there, I know that I am on my way. **I aspire to be someone that someone aspires […]
  • The Journey of an Artist – Part 1

    The truth is, I have no idea what I am doing. I’m making this all up as I go; life, art, love, and even my daily routine is fragments of what I think ‘adulting’ should look like. But honestly what is the fun in life without some unpredictability?  How boring would life be if you […]
  • Entrepreneur Mindset for the New Year

    Why you do NOT have to achieve all your goals!  As we all do, when the year comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on my past success and failures. At first glance, my initial thoughts are clouded with the daunting images of rejected art ideas, unfinished collaborations and abandoned goals. One of which, was to “write […]
  • Top Five reasons why I am a proud Filipina. (my Ethnicity)

    With the recent passing of my Grandma in the Philippines, it has me really reflecting on my ultimate value in life, which is family. A big part of this is because I was brought up within the filipino cultural which, like many asian cultures, if very family orientated. Here are Top Five reasons why I am […]