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    "Creativity is the only worthwhile endeavor." -Unknown- Creativity can come in many forms - not just artistic forms such as painting and writing, b...
  • Clean space. Clear mind.

    Is minimalism just a fad? With the popularity of minimalist advocates like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodem...
  • Celebrating Milestones at Ave Mariabell Designs

    The bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot. (Author Michael Altshuler.) It has been almost 5 years since I made a big move ...
  • Bucket List of Cities (Part 2)

    Humans are endlessly curious and always wanting to explore. My minimalist art tells a story of not only the places you have traveled to, but also places you want to go. It started with a simple, but large-scale mural of the city that changed my life – Toronto, on my bedroom wall. With more skylines […]
  • Bucket List of Cities

    It is a sad day in art and architectural history today as the iconic monument, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed by a fire. Although I have never personally visited this beautiful architectural masterpiece – it is an icon that makes part of the silhouette in my Paris Skyline design, and an icon […]
  • Spring Fair

    Love Toronto is back for a Spring Fair pop-up event on April 21st! Located in Kensington Market; a bohemian neighbourhood that draws artists and tourists to its indie shops, vintage boutiques and arts spaces. Come by to browse unique art and apparel from Toronto designers. If you love iconic art, you will find it […]
  • Designs for the Toronto-Obsessed!

    The Love Toronto and Ave Mariabell Collaboration We are so excited to share our recent collaborations with Love Toronto! This gear is for the Toronto-obsessed. If you are proud to be a Torontonian and not afraid to show it, then you will love this! Toronto Skyline Toque YYZ Code Tee Club Toronto Crew-neck Sweater Black […]
  • Designs Just For You

    My art is a series of minimalist, city skyline designs. Inspired by the geometry and colour palettes of the traditional shoji screen, my designs look fabulous in an interior setting with Japanese or Scandinavian inspired home décor. The simplicity of it, has allowed me to explore not only different applications, but has also made my […]
  • Bigger Purpose. Larger Mission.

    With Christmas fast approaching, we often get caught into the heavily commercialized, hyper-consumerist culture that we live in. This year, I have resisted and bought only a total of 2 gifts. Both items was even bought at an amazing discount from a friend who runs a local business! This year, rather than spend a ridiculous […]
  • The Japanese Effect

    Have you heard of the butterfly effect? The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. This blog illustrates why my interest in Japanese architecture has eventually amounted into the aesthetics within my art, Ave Mariabell Designs.  As an architectural graduate, I have come to appreciate well designed spaces, in particular minimalist interior design […]
  • Entrepreneur Mindset for the New Year

    Why you do NOT have to achieve all your goals!  As we all do, when the year comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on my past success and failures. At first glance, my initial thoughts are clouded with the daunting images of rejected art ideas, unfinished collaborations and abandoned goals. One of which, was to “write […]
  • Everything Toronto – Top 10 Gift Items for the Toronto-Obsessed. 

    Made by Torontonians for Torontonians. Recently my Art was featured in a Now-Toronto Gift Guide to shop-local. I loved the idea of sharing the work of local artists so much, that I decided to write my own gift list! This year I have been so blessed to connect with many locally established businesses. Many of these designs are […]