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  • ‘Tis The Season for Dreaming

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could travel the world while running a boutique travel brand with my designs? What if it could afford me the freedom to vacation with my family in Australia, whenever I wanted? What would it look like if @AveMariabell.Designs became a leading retailer in travel-themed products? I have a crazy […]
  • Latest News at Ave Mariabell Designs

    This blog is long over-due! It has been over 2 months since my last blog post, and there is so much to update! Scroll down to see all the latest and greatest news at Ave Mariabell Designs, including info on our new stockist, summer markets, and collaborations!   New Stockist! We are so excited to […]
  • Pura Vida

    The meaning of life. I made a mistake. I had it all wrong. For a long time, my life was a series of events driven by the desire to achieve more, be more, acquire more, and constantly compete. The culture that surrounds the mentality of, “go big or go home,” or “sleep until your dead,” […]
  • Spring Fair

    Love Toronto is back for a Spring Fair pop-up event on April 21st! Located in Kensington Market; a bohemian neighbourhood that draws artists and tourists to its indie shops, vintage boutiques and arts spaces. Come by to browse unique art and apparel from Toronto designers. If you love iconic art, you will find it […]
  • Life Changing Travel

    THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REACH OUR GOAL!  We are so happy to announce that we reached our goal to raise $1,000 to help build homes in villages within Costa Rica! Although we didn’t reach our original ambitious goal to send three volunteers, we are sending one volunteer to participate in the Build Abroad program. […]
  • Designs for the Toronto-Obsessed!

    The Love Toronto and Ave Mariabell Collaboration We are so excited to share our recent collaborations with Love Toronto! This gear is for the Toronto-obsessed. If you are proud to be a Torontonian and not afraid to show it, then you will love this! Toronto Skyline Toque YYZ Code Tee Club Toronto Crew-neck Sweater Black […]
  • Love Affair with Art

    February 14th. Today, words like this get thrown around: “You complete me.” “My other half,” or “My better half.” I am not a cynic, I promise. But these words are utter horse s#it. I am a complete human being with or without a significant other. Life is a solo journey with many visitors. And I […]
  • Designs Just For You

    My art is a series of minimalist, city skyline designs. Inspired by the geometry and colour palettes of the traditional shoji screen, my designs look fabulous in an interior setting with Japanese or Scandinavian inspired home décor. The simplicity of it, has allowed me to explore not only different applications, but has also made my […]
  • Ave Mariabell Designs – Top 10 Highlights in 2017

    In the lives of successful entrepreneurs that I have studied, there is one recurring practice that has also made a huge difference in my own life. This practice is the act of being grateful – Every. Single. Day. I make it a daily habit to note down the things that I am most grateful for […]
  • Bigger Purpose. Larger Mission.

    With Christmas fast approaching, we often get caught into the heavily commercialized, hyper-consumerist culture that we live in. This year, I have resisted and bought only a total of 2 gifts. Both items was even bought at an amazing discount from a friend who runs a local business! This year, rather than spend a ridiculous […]
  • Love Toronto and Friends

    I have been fortunate to meet many talented artists and designers in Toronto. In this blog, I’d like to share a few artists in particular. Together we made the first ever #LoveTorontoandFriends pop-up Art Show; a market place showcasing ALL-TORONTO merchandise. MADE by Torontonians, FOR Torontonians! Next month on December 3rd, we are back for […]
  • Project City Love: Volunteer Trip for April 2018

    In case you haven’t already heard; Ave Mariabell Designs is fundraising for a volunteer trip to help build homes in villages around the globe!! We are an online retailer, and an advocate for life-changing travel and volunteering abroad. When you purchase a skyline memento from Ave Mariabell Designs, a portion of all proceeds go to our #ProjectCityLove campaign. […]